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Times, They Are a Changin'. . .

Dianne Zack

After months of soul searching, planning, and agonizing over this decision, Zack and I will be closing Symmetry Gallery on Sunday, December 21, 2014.

We have spent almost 25 years providing what we think is the best handcrafted American art glass and fine craft available, in an enriching, inspiring and stimulating setting.  We are proud of our gallery, and of the service we've given to hundreds of our customers who have graciously embraced Symmetry as part of their Saratoga Experience.

These last few weeks will be bittersweet - I've already had numerous conversations with customers about what they characterize as their “loss of Symmetry", and what that means to them and to our Downtown.  I am humbled, and honored to think this dream of ours has meant so much to others.  Some say their kids have grown up with Symmetry as part of their Holiday traditions. Others say they visit the gallery to find some calm, or inspiration from the energy they feel as they gaze at the works we have to offer.  I remember vividly a day or two after 9/11, a handful of people happened in, silent and pensive, with simply a nod of understanding between us. 

Working in a retail setting these last 25 years has been a rewarding experience for us both.  I never dreamed I'd feel compelled to embrace a perfect stranger, or share tears of joy, or sorrow, with them.  Their 'Symmetry stories', their interaction with handmade objects that inspired them is why I loved coming to work each day. 

And that is precisely what I'll miss the most.

So stop by, say 'Hello', or say 'Goodbye'.  And by all means, share your Symmetry stories with us, I'll provide the Kleenex...

Thank you, Saratoga,

Dianne and Gary Zack

Be sure to check back online; after we leave Broadway, we'll try our best to continue offering Zack's works, my jewelry, and a number of other Symmetry's artists' work online.