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Terms & Conditions

All items are handmade especially for you.  There may be small inclusions or bubbles, as is common in handmade glass.  Each piece will be consistent in form and scale, but will vary slightly from the image you see online.  

Because the piece is made for you, it is not returnable.

In the event of damage in shipping, you must notify us within 3 days of receipt.  The artist will repair or replace the item ONLY IF it is returned to THE ARTIST within 30 days.  No repairs or replacements pertaining to shipping will occur after 30 days.

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SCOTT BISSON - Customer Breakage

Items broken by a customer will be repaired by the artist.  Items must be sent via UPS or FedEx (NO USPS).  Fees for repair are $25.00 per leg, $20.00 per tail or tentacle, if repairable.  Pieces will be repaired in the order received.  Please allow 30-45 days for return of repaired items.  IF THE ITEM HAS TWO OR MORE BROKEN PARTS, PLEASE DISCARD.  Fees for repair MUST be prepaid.  If no payment is received, the artist will discard the received piece after three months.  Contact SYMMETRY for repair shipping information.