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Saratoga Springs has long been regarded as the 'August Place to Be', with its rich history of horse racing, culture and architecture.  Symmetry is pleased to feature work that pays homage to the best of what Saratoga has to offer.


These Reliquary Boxes are a collaboration between copper artist Grace Gunning, local photographer John Bolster and Symmetry Gallery.   Made exclusively for Symmetry Gallery, the ‘Saratoga Collection’ features images representing the rich cultural history of our city.   Photographs by local photographer John Bolster, and images from his grandfather, George S. Bolster are used with permission. The boxes are constructed by New York State metal artist Grace Gunning, using heavy weight copper.  The image is inserted with a layer mother-of-pearl and tiny glass beads, which results in a pleasing sound and hypnotic movement.  The box is lined with soft velvet and comes with artist information.


20" Equus Vase w/ Gold

California glass artist Stephen Schlanser provides us with a range of equestrian works suitable for gift-giving or for collecting.  Each piece is individually handcrafted by transforming sheet glass into a collection of decorative vases, bowls and platters. They are carefully shaped inside a closed kiln by heating it to melting temperature. Once the glass has approached it¹s nearly liquid state, it gravitates to the shapes as seen in the Schlanser line. After a gradual decrease in temperature to a complete cool-down, each piece is handcut and high polished on diamond wheels. Some of the vessels are composed with various etched designs giving each of them it¹s individual flair. All designs are hand drawn, cut and high pressure sandblasted. Once a piece has proceeded through these work stages flawlessly, various polished bases are permanently attached. Upon completion, each piece is signed and dated.