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B 815 Pomegranate Bracelet



There's something magical about pearls, especially when combined with carefully crafted glass beads.  Unusual shapes, rich luster, and remarkable color are the hallmarks of the PEARL SERIES.

B 815 Pomegranate Bracelet

B Pomegranate.jpg
B Pomegranate.jpg

B 815 Pomegranate Bracelet


Handmade glass beads, pearls, 23k vermeil beads, toggle clasp and signature tag, gold-filled spacer beads.  Approximate length 8 1/4".  

(Each piece is individually handmade, and while the sequence of glass beads and style of sterling beads will vary slightly from the image you see, the essence of the design will be consistent.  Please allow approx. two weeks for the piece to be made for you.)

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