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Skillfully oxidized bronze one-of-kind still life compositions by American artists Jack and Alice McLean, featuring antique African beads and found objects.


Metal artists Jack and Alice McLean approach each tile as a still life, a study in color, composition and texture, with an intent for the pieces to look "made" and to retain evidence of hand and thought.   Antique beads are collected and used as found objects.

Through a 38 year dialogue with materials, Jack McLean has learned when to impose his will and when to listen. Working in series creates a slowly accumulating momentum, wearing away the non-essential to reveal what is authentic to a personal aesthetic. He works from his barn studio outside of Chicago. 

Each bronze still life is a one-of-a-kind construction created using a tungsten-inert-gas arc welder, abrasives, grinders, and oxidized with a hot process patina.